7 Great Kitchen Accessories

Posted: Tuesday, April 08, 2014

It can truly been said that the accessories make the kitchen. You may not have the budget to remodel your kitchen or get a bunch of new kitchen appliances, but most kitchen accessories affordable for everybody. While getting some accessories won’t make your kitchen larger, they can definitely improve your kitchen experience and help make a lasting impression if you’re having company over.

Here are 7 kitchen accessories that can help you make the most out of any kitchen:

Kitchen knives and utensils are crucial tools to have in the kitchen. Whether you’re carving a roast, chopping a turnip or peeling potatoes, you need to have the right knife for the job. Using the wrong knife can be unsafe, so make sure you have plenty of different shapes and sizes for any of the regular food prep work that you do. 

Cutting boards help to protect your countertops from cuts and scrapes from knives while preparing food. Your countertop will last much longer if you use a cutting board, and it also helps to keep fruit and vegetable juices from spilling across the whole counter. You can get basic wood or plastic cutting boards, but they tend to also absorb the flavor of the food that you’re cutting on them; more expensive cutting boards like those made of marble are less porous, easier to clean and don’t transfer flavor as easily.

Dinnerware and cutlery are extremely important because they are what you and your guest use to eat with. If you’re going to have visitors over, you don’t want to serve them a meal with chipped plates and stained cutlery, so make sure to get good quality pieces that can look great for years.

Cookware accessories comprise any of the pots and pans that you use to prepare everything from scrambled eggs to roast beef or a rack of lamb.

Unless you live by yourself, you should have an assortment of large and small pots and pans to handle preparing both large and smaller meals. Cookware made from high quality materials tend to heat more evenly and are easier to clean.

Food storage is more than just Tupperware, and includes everything from bread boxes and spice racks to food storage cabinets. You need a place to store your food and spices until you’re ready to use them and these food accessories do exactly that. Containers for lunches or leftovers need to seal tightly and contain enough food; other storage containers can reflect on your personal style and become part of your home décor.

Serving trays are a key part of the presentation of meals or snacks for guests. They are available in a wide assortment of sizes and colors so that you can use them whether you’re presenting sliced fruits and vegetables or desserts and pastries.

Timers, thermometers and measuring cups, while unglamorous are necessary in the preparation of food. Thermometers ensure that meat is fully cooked and timers help to ensure that you’ve cooked the food long enough. Measuring cups allow the exact amount of ingredients to be used when following a recipe so that the desired results are met every time.

With these great kitchen accessories, you can cook, store and present food for just about any occasion.