Duromatic Pressure Cooker from Kuhn Rikon

Posted: Wednesday, June 18, 2014

duromatic pressure cookerProduct Review
Duromatic Pressure Cooker from Kuhn Rikon cooks food in less than half time than orthodox cooking methods. Made In Switzerland, it is primarily made from surgical stainless steel which means that polish doesn’t wear off even in a dishwasher. It’s safe to use because of an automatic lid lock. With the passage of time, pressure cookers have evolved into the more modern version with enhanced speed, safety and health benefits. Using pressure cookers also saves energy up to 70%. This product is the perfect instance of a modern and innovative pressure cooker that features perfectly engineered design. The handles have been designed for easy grip that remain cool. It uses the old idea of trapping steam to cook the food. It has been structured with an aluminium base, between stainless steel which enhances conductivity and speeds up the cooking process. Another excellent feature is that it is safe and compatible with all kinds of ovens, such as gas, electric and induction stoves. The design of the cooker is such that less water is required, which means the food retains all its flavors and its nutritional value. The vegetables do not wilt, and meats are cooked well, but intact when removed from the cooker. The package includes a booklet of easy meat and vegetable recipes.