A Detailed Review of the Eureka Olympus 75 Coffee Grinder

Posted: Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Best Coffee Grinder out there!

Best Coffee Grinder out there!

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Eureka leads world over in the manufacturing and designing of coffee grinders because of their innovative technological advances and elegant designing. The aim of Eureka is to become a reference company when the topic of grinders is raised. Eureka grinder is known world- wide because of the quality they possess. Eureka has the certificates which are required to operate around the world. They bend themselves to meet the needs of the local people. They have a wide range of grinders for different people. The products are made in Florence and they are very easy to use and reliable. Eureka manufactures and provides an enormous amount of coffee grinders with high quality which are inside the budgetary needs of the people. One such Eureka grinder is the Olympus 75.

Features of Eureka Grinder Olympus 75

The Olympus 75 is a marquee Eureka Grinder. It possesses all the qualities a grinder which gives the best coffee must possess. This coffee grinder has flat burrs and adjustment with no stop points. The adjustment is micrometric. It also has the property of automatic start and stop when the doser is in the filling process.

Additional Product Details and Specifications of Olympus 75

  1. Burrs
  • It is flat.
  • The diameter is 75mm
  • The material it is made from is hardened steel. Sometimes it is Titanium.
  1. Doser
  • The doser has a storage capacity of 450 grams
  • The material it consists of is chromed aluminium
  • It has an external dose control
  • The prescribed dosing allowed is 5 to 10 grams
  • It also consists of a dosing counter.
  1. Dimensions
  • Its height is 637 mm with hopper included
  • Excluding the hopper its height is 404 mm
  • Its width is 240 mm
  • It has a depth of 259 mm
  • It weighs 17 kg
  • Its peso also weight 17 kg
  1. Other Variants
  • It is available in timer version as well as automatic version
  • It has a bean hopper capacity of 1.68 kg
  • 20 kg/hour is its hourly output

Pros of This Grinder

The Olympus 75 is sheer quality. It is the perfect synergy between the powerful motors of Eureka and the standard blades.

  • The innovative coffee doser provided with this Eureka grinder increases your work quality.
  • The poring precision and stability of dose are of the highest level.
  • The most accurate standards are met as far as the Olympus 75 is concerned.
  • It is very much possible to regulate the filling level of the doser and also the volume of coffee powder inside it can also be regulated.
  • The Olympus 75 Eureka Grinder is convenient to use and can also be easily customised.
  • Since the Olympus 75 comes with a micrometric adjustment it is possible to obtain a constant dimension for coffee in an accurate and easy manner.

Cons Of The Grinder

No serious negative points about this grinder are reported till now and the satisfied customer reviews and comments prove its quality and performance. Very few negligible cons that came into notice are as follows:

  • Some customers found it difficult to operate at the very first time due to its advanced features.
  • The grinding sound though loved by all, are not liked by some of the customers as they were grinding with the maximum grinding speed.

Availability and Price

The Olympus 75 Eureka Grinder is available on popular online stores like Amazon. On Amazon it comes with the following specifications:-

  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Long Durability
  • 75 Blades

The Olympus 75 Eureka grinder comes in a reasonable price of $1,499.99. Compared to the quality of coffee it makes this price is very less

Eureka Grinders are the best in the market of grinders. They manufacture back to back grinders with great quality. The customer preferences keep changing from time to time and Eureka keeps on updating itself with these changes. The Eureka Grinders Olympus 75 is worth every penny you pay for it.