Commercial Induction Cooker by Eurodib model IHE3097-120 – 120V

Posted: Friday, June 13, 2014


Product Description

Single burner, commercial grade countertop induction cooker with German ceramic glass top. Temperature range on this unit is 140-390 degrees Fahrenheit. Details are below.

Product Details

* Single induction cooker

* For commercial use

* Electric single burner model

* German ceramic glass top 10.8” x 10.8”

* Digital controls, 140 – 390°F

* 1 year warranty

* ETL listed

* NSF certified*

* Width: 13”

* Depth: 16 1/2”

* Amps: 15

* Height: 4”

* Watts: 1800

* Volts: 120

* No. of Burners: 1 Burner

* Placement: Countertop Model

* Width: 13 in


Induction cookers are becoming more and more standard in both the home and commercial kitchens. The Eurodib commercial induction cooker is just what it says. It is very well built and easy to use. The German ceramic glass top takes just one wipe to clean most drips or spills. It is very energy efficient and maintains constant temperature, containing all the energy in the cookware which provides no heat loss. The instantaneous heat provided by the induction cooker allows chefs to quickly prepare a product. The stovetop barely gets warm (only the cookware gets hot) and therefore foods then not to burn and there is less a chance of burning yourself. Less heat makes the environment cooler and more pleasurable to work in. The Digital screen is easy to read and very user friendly. While this induction burner is a bit larger than most of the others it will still take only minimal cabinet space to store.

Speaking of safety the Eurodib induction cooker will shut down after 9 seconds if incorrect cookware or no cookware is placed on the stovetop. The stove top will accept pans that are greater than 4.75 inches and less than 10.25 inches. The downfall is not being able to use Aluminum, copper or glass products to cook with. The best pans to use with this and most other induction burners are cast iron, magnetic stainless steel, enameled iron or stainless steel with flat bottoms.

The Eurodib commercial induction cookers are the go to burners for caterers who need to whip up a quick sauce or heat up a soup and keep it at a safe temperature. They are also awesome for the home cook who does a lot of entertaining and sometimes need an extra burner from time to time.

I have been a chef for 18 years and in our commercial kitchen we use these burners on a daily basis.  Click here to get yours!