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Makimy Pulled Pork Shredder Meat Claws - Best Meat handling Forks


Product Description

The Perfect Tool for Quickly Shredding Meat in Seconds!

In less than 1 minute you can have that pork shoulder pulled to bits in time for your guests to sit down and eat...
And have the salad tossed, the pasta served, and the fruit cut - using just this one tool

You'll be wondering how you ever got along in the kitchen or outside on your grill without this multi-purpose premium meat claw.
This comes as a set of two, and is made of high-end, durable, superior quality materials.
It's an all season, professional grade, and multi-purpose kitchen and BBQ tool.
Use it during the holidays to expertly carve-brown, piping hot Thanksgiving turkey that you just pulled out of the oven and handled using these same meat claws.
Instantly shred your smoked pork shoulder in the summer by the time your guests have sat down at the picnic table.

This is an every holiday, every season cooking tool.
Need to serve your pasta or toss that salad?
No problem, you can use your meat claws for this purpose too.
Having trouble keeping that rolling watermelon in place on the counter while cutting?
The claws has you taken care of.

Perfect for:
• Pork, Meat, Chicken, Pasta, Salads, Large vegetables and much more...

Guaranteed you will be reaching for your meat claws over and over again when cooking your meals.
The six-pronged meat claw has you carving your golden-brown Thanksgiving turkey with chef expertise

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