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Poach Genie • Set of 4 Silicone Poacher Cups • BPA-Free • Microwave or Stovetop Egg Poaching • The best choice for always perfectly poached eggs!


Product Description

Using the Poach Genie, cooking a perfect poached egg has never been easier!

New and Improved Design!
• Stuck eggs? Not with the Poach Genie, our improved non stick silicone design makes cleanup a breeze with or without oil.
• Thin and Flimsy? Not with the Poach Genie! We specifically designed our egg poacher with a thick and sturdy silicone to make handling so much easier!
• Water spilling over the sides while cooking? Not the Poach Genie! Our design with tall sides ensures that no water is going to get into the pod while cooking.

Cooking -
1.) Bring Water to a Rolling Boil, Then Turn to Medium Heat.
2.) Crack an Egg Into the Poach Genie.
3.) Place the Poach Genie Into Boiling Water and Cover With Lid.
4.) Wait 4-6 Minutes Then Remove From Pan (depending on desired firmness).
5.) Enjoy!

With the Poach Genie cleanup has never been easier! - Rinse and wipe with a paper towel or simply place into the dishwasher.

We stand behind our product and that means you can buy our Poach Genie with 100% confidence, knowing that we offer a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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