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Silicone Tea Bags, Ououdee 5-Pack Reusable Loose Leaf Tea Infuser Strainer for Tea Cups, Mugs and Teapots-BPA Free


Product Description

Silicone Tea Infuser Strainer Filters
1.Silicone is completely BPA-free, Heat resistant up to 480F, will not leach or ruin the flavor of your tea.
Silicone handle is a beautiful aesthetic addition that protects fingers as this never heats up making it extra safe.
2.Tiny holes design reduces floats and tea debris in your mug and unwanted leaves floating in your cup.
3.Tea infusers are perfect for every moment, whether it is a good cup alone or for afternoon tea with your friends.
5.With Five infusers in the box, you will be sure to always have one for everyone. the shapes and colors are sure to make a lasting impression on your guests!
6.Attractive colors: different colors different mood, can make your more convenient and have more choose, make your tea time as fun as it should be!

Simply to Use:
1.Pop off the bottom cover and spoon your loose tea leaf in to the tea bag. 
2.Close the cover back on and please the tea bag into your tea cup. 
3.Pour hot water and steep .

Package List:
5 x Premium Tea Infusers bags

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